Chelmsford High Class of 1995 - 10 Year Reunion

Just down the street from my parents’ house, on our way home after a pleasant Labor Day visit with Mom, Dad, and Grandma, Stephanie and I passed by the home of someone I’d gone to high school with. While no memories of the girl who had lived there came to mind, I did find myself pondering that familiar question that’s plagued my brain as of late—will I or won’t I attend my ten-year high school reunion.

If I am remembering correctly, reunions for Chelmsford High School are typically scheduled around Thanksgiving, when, tradition seems to dictate, more folks are apt to be home for the holidays. That means that there is little time left to make a decision. It means that the blessed/cursed event is almost upon me.

While my high school career was marred by inner torment over girls and creative pursuits, it was nonetheless a relatively uneventful time. Save for a few kids who still seemed to carry deep-seeded resentment towards me held over from middle and elementary school, most people just left me alone. At the time, I saw myself as a tortured young man, hated by many, loved by none, and tolerated by a select few. But the truth is that most people probably didn’t give E. Christopher Clark a second thought.

So, why the trepidation regarding my attendance at the reunion? Well, while others probably didn’t give me a second thought, I certainly gave a lot of thought to them. And a lot of my musings on my classmates have made it onto this webpage, as well as in some of the rather thinly veiled short stories that appeared in my book. I am left wondering how many people, if any, have stumbled across their names here and been embarrassed, or perhaps even furious, about the way in which they have been portrayed.

When I’m being sensible, I’m inclined to believe that most people, as I mentioned above was the case in high school, haven’t really given me a second thought, and that I shouldn’t be worried.

Which brings me to the real question I should be asking: Why would I want to go anyway? I didn’t have many friends in my class. Of those, how many of them are likely to show up? And, if none of my old friends show up, are the people that do show up to these sorts of things the type of people that I’d want to hang out with for a couple of hours? Are they the type of people who would want to hang out with me?

I don’t know. It’s not something that keeps me up at night, but I do like to muse about things and, as I’ve documented many times in this space, I have an insatiable thirst for the knowledge of my former classmates’ whereabouts. Will I go to the ten year reunion of Chelmsford High School’s Class of 1995? I really don’t know.

What about you? Have you gone, or will you go to your high school’s ten year reunion?