Superman II and David Ortiz

We were flipping between the Sox game and Superman II on Tuesday night and we really should have just watched the game.

There are some films that you remember loving as a kid that just don’t stand up when you watch them as an adult. It had been a long time since I’d seen Superman II, but I had fond enough memories of the film to rank it among my 100 personal favorites just last month. Watching it on Tuesday night was eye-opening. Sequences I’d been so convinced were brilliant as a kid came off as half-assed and clichéd. And the special effects were just atrocious. They were really trying to do too much with the technology they had at the time.

I couldn’t even stay awake for the whole thing. It was that bad.

Luckily, I managed to flip back to the Sox game just in time to see Ortizzle smoke one out of the park to walk off with the win. That sixty-second at-bat, or however long it was, ended up being far more exciting than the three-hour telecast of a film I once loved but am now forced to admit is terribly dreadful.