Thursday Quicky

We watched the football game on Thursday night. Stephanie, energized about the arrival of the football season, had started dinner before I got home. This allowed me time to go upstairs and change, rather than spend the evening in my work clothes, which is how it normally works out when I come home and get straight to cooking dinner. I’d like to say that changing into my “lounging around the house” clothes allowed me to watch the game with a greater sense of calm than I have in the past, but I’d be lying. Truth is, I was just as pumped as ever. I was swearing at the dumb plays, cheering and clapping at the good ones, and feeling my heart race every time it looked like we might lose.

Ah, football season. Was there ever anything so wonderful in the world?

Other than the game, nothing much of note took place on Thursday. I was much calmer and more together than I’d been on Wednesday; I enjoyed a good walk on my lunch break, picking up copies of the DVDs for The Rules of Attraction and Love Actually on the cheap at Newbury Comics; and I got back to scheming and planning for my novel, having decided that I might be an okay writer, after all.