Friday Follies

Though I’d been having an otherwise pleasant day up to that point, Stephanie’s phone call around four o’clock on Friday afternoon to tell me that the car had broken down on her put me in a very, very bad mood. I don’t want to talk about it much more than that. I’ve gotten beyond the surliness, as I’m writing this two days later, and I don’t care to revisit it at the moment.

Our Internet connection has also been out most of the weekend, which, for a time, was compounding my frustration (lots of me muttering, “Why does everything we buy never work?”). But I’m past that, too. So, let’s move on to a happy thing I can’t believe I haven’t shared with you yet.

Earlier this week, Stef received a phone call with the result of last week’s testing. And the news was good. Our baby has astronomically low chances of being born with Down’s syndrome or of having one other defect which I don’t know the name of and which I didn’t know they were testing for.