The Dire Situation

On Sunday morning, just as I was getting ready to head off to do the groceries, Stephanie explained to me just how dire our financial situation is. She’d been a bit melancholy all morning up to that point and I pressed her to tell me what was wrong. Tearfully, she explained to me that we could not afford to live in our house in October if she didn’t find a job. With our savings drained and the cost of maintaining our health insurance astronomically high, our current income won’t be sufficient to sustain us. Because she knows that talking about the numbers is generally too much for me to bear, she’d been holding back. And it had been eating her up inside—this, and a complete sense of bewilderment as to why she hasn’t been able to find a job. She’d been up all night trying to figure things out and she was a mess. Breaking character, I tried to be the strong one for once. I held her, and tried to forget about exactly how panicked all of this made me.

Throughout the day, we talked back and forth about what to do. We discussed what avenues she hadn’t yet explored in her job search. We talked about who had offered us support in the past, and what favors we might call in. Though it took a fair amount of effort, I tried to remain calm.

We watched football to take our minds off of it. During commercials, if an idea came to mind, I’d toss it out there and see what she thought. When it wasn’t going well, and the football wasn’t enough to distract me, I headed upstairs to try and fix our Internet connection, which was, yet again, not working. Frustration mounted. By dinner, despite my best efforts to maintain my composure, I was a mess. There was lots of swearing and yelling at the computer and at the stove on my part. Dinner was good, which helped, but afterwards we threw in the DVD of The Rules of Attraction to further calm our frayed nerves. I also managed to finally get the Internet connection working for a sustained period of time, which was very helpful.

While Stef will continue with her job search as she has for the past six months, we could certainly use any inside information that anyone out there can provide on administrative assistant or sales administration or teaching/training gigs that pay between $32-35 thousand per year, minimum. She earned her BA in Dance at Bradford in 1999 and her MEd in Creative Arts in Learning from Lesley in 2004. She served as the primary sales trainer at a technology company for about five years, developing their training program from the ground up. If you think of something, and you’d like to see her resume, email me at

She’s not much of a city girl, so she’d prefer something Northwest of Boston or, even better, something in New Hampshire. Given the situation, she’s open to pretty much anything at the moment.

I have no idea how we’ll get through this one, I really don’t. We’ve lucked out in a lot of ways this year, but luck doesn’t last forever. It seems like the storm clouds are finally catching up with us.