The Humor Inherent in Destroying Expensive Personal Electronics Devices

Given the situation, I’ll take any little bit of humor I can find. One section of Ars Technica’s in-depth review of the iPod Nano, Apple’s most recent addition to the iPod line of portable MP3 players, provided quite a few laughs this morning.

Here’s an excerpt from page 3, where they “stress-test” the device. They’ve already sat on it, dropped it from significant heights, dropped it while running as well as while driving at excessive speeds:

At this point we were astounded that the iPod nano was still working properly, albeit with a broken display. Because we had honestly expected the iPod nano to break by this time, we were forced to depart from our planned schedule of destruction and try and run over it with the car. Surely, we thought, it could never withstand the crushing power of German automotive engineering.

But withstand the crushing power of German automotive engineering is precisely what it did. Read the rest on page 3.