I find it supremely amusing that my friend Beth talks so much about drinking on her website. I remember when Beth was like our innocent little sister in the band and how her parents feared that when we had band practice we were actually forcing her to watch porn. (I fear I’ve told that story before but I can’t find it in my archives so if I did, please forgive me). To see her all grown up and getting drunk puts a smile on my face. I’m not sure why.

Beth the Bassist may be older now, wiser, and more ferschnickered but I feel like things haven’t changed for me at all. Today, for instance, I bought tickets to the midnight showing of Star Wars: Episode II. Aren’t I too old for that? Wasn’t I doing the same thing three years ago when Phantom Menace came out? If I’m a guy looking to become a father sometime soon should I really be signing up to attend science fiction films in the middle of the night.

Buying the ticket was a chore though and I had to exude maturity in dealing with the situation. That counts for something right? The automatic ticket machine gave me tickets for the wrong show and I had to wait patiently for fifteen minutes with the annoyed old man sitting behind the counter for the manager to finish up with an angry female customer. I spoke to them both like an adult and we were all very easy going and I didn’t come off as a young’n at all.

But is it that bad to come off as a young’n?

Ah, who the fuck knows? All I know is that ER is on and I think I want to watch it.