NFL Week 01 Review

Though Thursday night’s opening game against the Oakland Raiders had its tense moments, I thought the Patriots handled themselves well in the 30-20 win. The defense was somewhat porous in the early going, most notably on Randy Moss’s touchdown reception, but they did pick it up after a while and ended up turning in a solid effort. Tom Brady, while still looking a bit rusty here and there, showed why he is one of the best in the league and gave a preview of what he’ll do all season long with the vast array of weapons he has at wide receiver and tight end. Corey Dillon had a rough night, but matching up against that defensive line was no small chore.

All in all, I was most pleased by the game. I’ve read the reactions of others who are worried for one reason or another, but I think the future looks bright for the defending Superbowl Champions.

My Adopted Teams

Of the three teams that I “adopted” this season, the only team that lost was the only team I picked to win, the Arizona Cardinals. So, while I was hoping to maybe do a little bit better with my picks (I went 7 for 16), I was very happy to see both the Dallas Cowboys and the New Orleans Saints pull off victories.

Mike Celizic tells us that we should embrace the Saints as America’s team and I’m kind of with him on that. The played inspired ball on Sunday and, hopefully, brightened the spirits of those New Orleans natives fortunate enough to catch the game. So long as they keep their noses clean this season, I don’t see how you could not root for them to succeed.

One of the most common statistics bandied about on Sunday regarding the Saints had to do with their road record. Apparently they play much better on the road (as well as in any situation where their backs are against the wall). It’ll be interesting to watch and see if playing an entire season on the road will help push them over the hump.

The Rest of the League

I didn’t get to catch much of the Eagles-Falcons game last night, but it appeared, at least in the early going, that Michael Vick’s team was definitely getting the better of the boys from the Ill-adelph. The final score indicates a much closer contest than what I saw early on, which makes me a bit sad I didn’t stay up to watch more of it.

As for what happened on Sunday, I watched the Saints game and then the Cowboys game. The Chiefs vs. the Jets just wasn’t doing anything for me.

Anyway, this is how my NFL coverage will go from now on. Pregame thoughts will be posted two days prior to the first game of the week (usually on Fridays) with postgame thoughts posted on Tuesday mornings, following the Monday night games.

That is all.