Top 100 New England Songs

A recent Metafilter thread points us in the direction of 100 Songs of the South, another of these seemingly ubiquitous “best-of” lists that are popping up in every corner of the Internet. I certainly think it’s a worthwhile endeavor to honor the contributions of southern musicians in this way, as those contributions are substantial, but I take issue with this website’s proclamation that “Nobody’s ever heard of New England music…”

Aerosmith, the Cars, the New Kids on the Fucking Block—don’t tell me nobody’s ever heard of them!

Seriously though, I wondered if it might be worthwhile to come up with a list of, say, the top 100 songs that have come out of Boston or, to broaden it a bit more, out of the whole of New England. There are tons of acts that have come out of this city, this region, acts both large and small, and I’m sure that, with some help, I could come up with a comprehensive list.

So, any thoughts?