The Plan Going Forward

As of January 1, 2006, I am giving myself permission to stop writing an entry per day in this journal. A bold experiment begun in 2002, it has gone on for far longer than I ever could have expected. In the first three years of this site’s existence, I was lucky if I updated once per month. But for the past four years—02, 03, 04, and now, 05—I have written in this journal every single day. This has resulted in some good writing, but also some bad. Probably, a lot more bad. And I think that in 2006 it’s finally time to focus on quality over quantity.

This isn’t to say I won’t post something on this site every day. In fact, I expect you’ll be seeing more content in the Soapbox, and in the baby journal, and in other areas. It’s just that when it comes to writing about my life, I don’t necessarily think there’s something interesting to say about it every damn day.

The front page of the site will undergo a small metamorphosis to incorporate this decision. Instead of rigidly segmenting the site’s content, as I do now, and as I have done for years, I plan to throw content from all of the sections together, so that we end up with something that looks more like a traditional blog or news site, so that we end up with something that looks like this (ED: Link has been lost).

I imagine a scenario wherein you get a “Chris’s life” update on, say, Wednesdays, a baby update on, say, Sundays, and Soapbox content filling in the days in between. If I feel inspired to write a shorter blurb about some funny event that happened to me on a given day, so be it. But the purpose of this whole revamp will be to make the site more fluid, less rigid, and, hopefully, more fun.

With a baby on the way and a novel to finish, it’s about time I began to reprioritize my life. The site has always been, and will remain, an important part of my life. But this commitment I made, to write a journal entry a day, just isn’t realistic anymore. I hope you’ll stick with me as I move the site forward into this new and exciting chapter of its life.