Fenway Fiction

I don’t know how I missed this until now, but Beth (of Grand Mental Station fame) has a story in the recently-released collection, Fenway Fiction (Rounder, 2005). On my lunchbreak, I moseyed next door to Barnes and Noble at BU (where selected contributors (but not Beth) will read from the collection next Thursday, September 22) and took a gander at Beth’s piece. The few pages that I was able to read once I found it were quite compelling, on par with the best stuff I read during my time in the MFA program.

Beth describes receiving copies of the book in the mail this morning:

I opened the door to a mannish, skinny woman dressed in brown. She was holding a box and on top of the box was an electronic signature machine. “Just need you to sign for this,” she said.

I did. I took the package in. I used scissors to cut it open.

Five copies of Fenway Fiction tumbled out.

There it is. My first book. The first time I’ve seen my name in lights, so to speak.

I remember that feeling all too well (though I had to pay somebody to see my name on the spine of a book, so it doesn’t really count—at least not in the same way) and hope to experience it again someday. Congratulations to Beth. Bravo!