NFL Week 02 Review

I have no desire whatsoever to write about the absolutely pathetic display put on by the New England Patriots this past weekend. Just thinking about that game makes my blood boil. Just thinking about sports in general right now is making my blood boil. So don’t expect much out of this week’s Week in Review.

The Pats performed horribly in every phase of the game—offense, defense, and special teams. For the second week in a row, Corey Dillon looked like he was channeling Antoine Smith. And with Tom Brady missing one pass after another, there really was just no hope at all.

The defense didn’t do much better, although they had a tough chore in trying to hold back the Panthers. My hat is off to Carolina, who looked a lot more like the team people were picking as the eventual NFC champion than they did in Week 01. I hate that they won, absolutely hate it, but they deserved to.

My Adopted Teams

All three of my adopted teams lost, putting in sucky performances in the process. I’m thinking of putting them all back up for adoption.

The Rest of the League

Fuck the rest of the league, man. When the Patriots lose, I don’t care. And I especially don’t care when I pick only six games correctly on’s Pigskin Pick ‘Em.