Mother’s Day Cookies

Stef and I spent a rather uneventful and pleasant Mother’s Day at my parents’ house today. I am dead tired now though, which makes me think I must’ve done something monumental and difficult, despite my better judgement. I am not in a spectactularly good mood right now, the niceness of our visit today having left me as I napped on the living room floor, but I’m going to try and type something friendly and non-threatening right now.

We watched two hours of A Baby Story today at my parents’ house so Stef finally got to see the show which has become a regular topic of conversation at dinner lately. There was much talk of babies and our anticipation of beginning to try for one. That felt kind of awkward to me but kind of nice at the same time. I was glad they knew what our intentions were.

We had fabulous desserts and soda, things that I’ve been keeping out of my regular day-to-day diet of late. I gave up caffeinated beverages at home all together. I gave up most sweets. Stef is a on a low-carbohydrate diet. All of these things are working splendidly for us so we had to be mindful of what we ate, and how much of it we ate, while over at my parents house, where my mother and father make excellent food.

I’ve run out of steam already but I haven’t really bitched about anything and that is good enough for me. I’m not thrilled at the way I feel right now but I am happy that I managed a decent journal entry despite it.

Beginning tomorrow (or possibly today, by the time you read this) we will be celebrating the release of the new Star Wars flick with a week of Star Wars memories and such on this here site, and of course, my little review of the movie come Thursday after I’ve caught a midnight screening.

Should be a good week. Stay tuned.