As sitcoms go, My Name is Earl was pretty darned good. The pilot didn’t quite live up to the hype for me, but, in a world where reality shows like The Biggest Loser (which preceded Earl on NBC) are now the norm rather than the exception, I’ll take what I can get.

Other than watching Earl in the evening, the day was blessedly uneventful. Work was busy, which is always good, because it makes the long day go by that much quicker. Stephanie had a comforting doctor’s visit in the morning and a promising job interview in the afternoon. And I didn’t spend as much time in the big blue funk as I did on Sunday and Monday. I couldn’t have asked for more really.

Well, except for some semblance of an idea on which to focus this entry. But there’s only a couple more months of this every day stuff and then I can go back to writing here only as the ideas come, with any guilt or remorse.