If You Want a Cookie…

Dunkin’ Donuts Chocolate Chunk cookies have lately become my afternoon snack of choice. Like those Americans who keep a relatively sane eating schedule, I do, despite my decidedly insane eating schedule, still manage to get hungry between five and six o’clock in the evening. So, when I arrive at North Station each evening to wait for my train, knowing full well that I won’t be eating dinner for another two to two and a half hours, and there are chocolate chip cookies available for sixty-something cents a pop, it’s hard to resist.

I know that if this becomes a habit it will contribute to a substantial amount of weight gain, which I will then bitch about incessantly, so why do I even bother? Why can’t I find the will-power?

Well, for one, these cookies are just that damn good. Thicker than the treats you’ll find at cookie stands in the mall, or at Mrs. Fields locations around town, and half the cost, they’re an inexpensive sugar fix at the end of a long day. And they don’t just have measly chocolate chips; No, they have chocolate chunks!

And, secondly, like it says on the cardboard divider I once found in a bag of Pepperidge Farm Nantuckets, “If you want a cookie, have a cookie!” Life is hard right now, and why the hell should I care about trying to lose weight right now? Would it really be that bad if I gained a little? I mean, c’mon: I’m married and I’ve got a kid on the way—there are two ready-made excuses right there. A) I’m not on the market; and, B) I’m allowed to gain sympathy weight while my wife is pregnant.

I mention all of this because on Thursday evening there were no chocolate chunk cookies at the Dunks in North Station. I had to settle for two donuts, instead. And that made me sad. When you want a cookie, and you can’t have one, what are you to do? I don’t think Pepperidge Farm has ever bothered to answer that question.