NFL Week 03 - Patriots at Pittsburgh

If last week was hard for the Patriots, I can’t even imagine what this week is going to be like. When every other Patriot fan was scared after Week 01, I was still singing their praises. Well, I’m done trying to deny the Patriots are in trouble this season. And for the first time in three years of playing Pig Skin Pick ‘Em, I’m picking against the Pats. Together with the seemingly inevitable collapse of the Red Sox this weekend in Camden Yards, I think this is going to be a terribly depressing weekend for New England sports fans. Yes, I do.

Patriots at Pittsburgh

I’m predicting that the Patriots will be absolutely annihilated by Pittsburgh on Sunday. This one, I fear, will be over in the first quarter. Personally, I’m thinking that our final score will look something like 42-3 in favor of Pittsburgh. That’s how convinced I am that they’re just going to flat-out suck.

Now, part of me is making this prediction in the futile hope that I’m dead wrong. I haven’t had much luck picking winners this year, at least not yet, and I’m hoping that, by picking against the Pats, it will help build upon the enormous chip on their shoulder. I’m hoping for a Patriots upset, for them to be able to do to Pittsburgh what they did in last year’s AFC Championship game. But I’m not feeling it. I just don’t see it happening.

So, Pittsburgh in a rout. That’s my prediction.

Around the League

This is the week that a lot of team’s hopes and dreams are going to start to visibly go down the toilet. Brett Favre is going to start 0-3 for the first time in his career; Daunte Culpepper is going to suck ass for the third week in a row; and the Arizona Cardinals, who I thought might stand a chance of having a good season, are going to prove me wrong and force me to put them back up for adoption.

Can you tell that I’m not looking forward to Sunday as much as I used to? Can you tell how much that loss against Carolina diminished my excitement last week, and how resigned I am to the fact that, beginning with the Patriots loss on Sunday, this whole week in the NFL is going to suck?

My Picks

I did even worse in Week 02 (6 for 16) than I did in Week 01 (7 for 16), so I wouldn’t be looking to my picks for decisions on who to bet if I were you.

Cincinnati at Chicago
Tennesee at St. Louis
Cleveland at Indianapolis
New Orleans at Minnesota
Tampa Bay at Green Bay
Carolina at Miami
Jacksonville at New York Jets
Oakland at Philadelphia
Atlanta at Buffalo
Dallas at San Francisco
Arizona at Seattle
New England at Pittsburgh
New York Giants at San Diego

Kansas City at Denver