Thinking, Thinking, Thinking

I’ve done lots of mucking with the site lately. Most of it has hopefully been as transparent to you, the reader, as possible. There were parts of the site I wasn’t happy with that have been removed and parts of the site that I felt needed to be added to, which have been added. The thing I love about the web is that you can learn from you mistakes, that it’s a fluid medium in which you can easily change things. This is especially true of dynamic sites, such as mine, which are driven by a database rather than hundreds of individual files. Make one change in one template and it’s reflected everywhere instantly.

My theory is that if I fix the little things as they come up, I won’t ever have to do a large-scale revision of the site again. Though they’ve become my sort-of January-February tradition, I’d like to end that tradition this year if I could.

Still thinking about advertising, about opening up comments, and about a lot of other things related to the site. Still thinking about my novel and when I’m finally going to work on that puppy. Still thinking, thinking, thinking.