A Day of Total Geekery

I listened to Beatles songs as I was getting dressed in the morning. Just after lunch at Panera Bread, I watched the Nine Inch Nails Collected DVD I got in the mail (a brief highlight program featuring all of their work in video in one long collage). After that, I had the Aerosmith You’ve Gotta Move concert DVD on while I was doing the dishes. And after that I mucked around with iTunes for the rest of the evening. Wherever I was on Saturday, there was music.

And that’s just the way I like it.

There are days like Saturday when I would be content to veg out and listen to music all damn day. Yes, it was beautiful outside, but all that gave me cause to do was open the windows.

My mucking with iTunes involved making available to myself certain songs that weren’t easily imported into the program. I ripped the ReAct Now songs I downloaded from Sony’s Connect Music Store (the only place they’re available, and a real pain-in-the-ass to install and to operate) to CD and then ripped that CD into iTunes.

I took the WMA-formatted songs off of the Sarah McLachlan DVD I got for last Christmas and did something similar, saving them to the computer, creating a CD of them, and then ripping that CD back on the computer in MP3 format. I would not be denied the chance to listen to my music in the forum in which I wished to listen to it.

My last tasks involved re-ripping songs from a couple of CDs that hadn’t converted all that well when I originally ripped them last year and then, finally, burning all of the tunes I’d purchased in the iTunes music store over the past two years onto CD.

It was a day of total geekery, just the way I like them.