Game 155 - Sox at Baltimore (W 9-3)

In Friday’s preview of NFL Week 03, I wrote, “...I think this is going to be a terribly depressing weekend for New England sports fans. Yes, I do.” Boy, do I feel stupid now. What a weekend for both the Sox and the Patriots. Both teams put in inspired performances (I’ll write more about the Pat’s victory in my NFL Week 03 wrap-up on Tuesday) and just totally blew me away. That the Sox leapt out to that five-run lead in Sunday’s game was awesome enough on its own, but to see Wells pitch through the pain and help the team put up another W, and to see Johnny Damon hit a home run even with his shoulder as sore as it is—the whole game was really something else.

The Blue Jays couldn’t hold the lead in New York, which was disappointing, but the stars are aligning nicely for next weekend’s series against the Yankees. If only one of them is going to make it to the postseason this year then I think it’s only fitting that they close out the season against one another. So, instead of actively rooting for Baltimore in the early part of this week, so that we might have an easier time of knocking out New York once they get here, I might just keep my opinions to myself and see what happens.

One thing’s for sure: this could be one really exciting week of baseball.