Stewing on Sunday

As has been the case so often lately, I’m not sure what to say about Sunday. I decided to finally go ahead and upgrade the backend software for the site, something I’d been avoiding for a long while because of its potential impact on some of the functionality I use here, and that went well enough, though it delayed me in getting my chores done (grocery shopping, et cetera), which, in the end, inhibited me from getting out to Beth’s reading in the afternoon. I watched the Sox game and the Patriots game in between chores, and was equally impressed by the resolve of both teams to win. And, in the evening, Stephanie and I watched the premieres of Extreme Makeover: The Home Edition and Desperate Housewives.

Boring, I know. Alas, this is what Sundays are in the Clark household, and it’s probably why you won’t see me writing about them too often once I’m done with this “every day” schedule at the end of the year.