Star Wars Memories - Part 2

In the Spring of 1997, to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of his epic film saga, George Lucas re-released the original three Star Wars films to theaters with sound and visual enhancements. Those of us who had never seen the movies in the theaters or at least couldn’t remember that far back went to the movies in droves. I was a sophomore at Bradford College at the time and I had a huge crush on a freshman girl that I just couldn’t get over. In line to see the special edition of The Empire Strikes Back I was pained at the site of her with her friends a few yards in front of me and mine. It was like every crush I’d had from middle-school through high-school all wrapped into one.

The girl’s name was Heather T. and in the course of becoming acquaintances/friends with her over the first few months of that year I had developed a bit thing for her. For quite a while I kept my feelings in check because she was dating another acquaintance/friend of mine and I had a strict rule about not going after girls who were already taken.

Though the whole thing wouldn’t come to a head until a couple of months later, (and I’m really going to have to write an entry about that whole ordeal sometime…) seeing her in line for The Empire Strikes Back was excruciating.

You see, I was at this point where I felt like I could almost say something. Friends who were in the know were cautiously suggesting I do so. I think they knew it would never work, that I wasn’t her type, and that she wouldn’t react positively, but they wanted me to shut up about it and just do it. I was at the point where I might’ve found the courage to say something and she was right there and this wasn’t supposed to be happening to me on the night I was going to see Star Wars.


I think Star Wars is the sort of thing where you shouldn’t be thinking about anything else going in. You should be focused on the experience at hand, on the two hours of amazement in front of you. You should not be focused on the girl you’re obcessing over. That is simply not appropriate. It’s motherfucking Star Wars for Christ’s sake! Can’t you leave your petty problems at home?

Our group mingled back and forth through the line with their group and I think I even said, “Hi” to Heather and eventually we were all herded into the theater for the show. They sat in an entirely different section and all through the previews and such I looked for her. My movie-going experience was being ruined by this silly crush.

But then those magical words came up on the screen, “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” and for the next two hours I didn’t think once about her.

This is the power of Star Wars people. I was overwhelmed by my crush on this girl for months. It consumed me. It was probably the most unhealthy infatuation I’d ever had. I count myself lucky that it all eventually worked out and I ended up with her as a friend. The power of these movies is the power to make us forget the baggage we came into the theater with.

That’s the power of a good movie. That’s the power of Star Wars.