NFL Week 03 Review

That Rodney Harrison is done for the year doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the rumblings that his career might be over. I think we can get by this season without Rodney. It won’t be easy, but we proved that we’re capable of holding off the vaunted Steeler offense on Sunday without him and I think that speaks volumes about our secondary’s abilities. But to think that Rodney won’t ever play again—well, that’s just unthinkable. He has been such a powerful and positive influence on guys like Eugene Wilson and Asante Samuel over the last couple of years that I just can’t imagine our defensive backfield without him in the long term. And even if Rodney moved off somewhere else to finish his career, he’d still be a guy I’d want to see have success for many, many years to come.

The loss of Matt Light for extended period of time is also bad, but our offensive line proved it was up to the task as well. Hopefully Light’s injury won’t be as serious as Rodney’s.

In any event, we won the game, and that’s what’s important. For the first time this season, we saw what kind of stuff the 2005 Patriots are made out of. And I, for one, was very impressed.

My Adopted Teams

It’s about time to give up on the Arizona Cardinals. I know I wasn’t the only one expecting them to make a leap this year, but it just doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. New Orleans lost to a Minnesota team that had thusfar been asleep, and that was disappointing, but I’m sticking with N’awlins for the long haul. They’ll bounce back. Dallas pulled out a win against the 49ers in a tough game. All in all, I think my adopted teams are doing well. Except for, well, Arizona. I’m giving them one more week and then I’m kicking them to the curb. Any thoughts on who I should pick up to replace them?

The Rest of the League

The Patriots weren’t the only team in the AFC East to get banged up this week. The Jets lost starting quarterback Chad Pennington for the season and may have lost backup Jay Fiedler for a good long while as well. And the Buffalo Bills, thoroughly mediocre through Week 03, lost their biggest spark on defense, linebacker Takeo Spikes, who was so angry about his injury that he was slamming his helmet into the turf after it happened.

Anyone who thinks these injuries are going to make life easier for the Pats in their division is sorely mistaken. The Jets offense may struggle a bit, but their D is still good. And the Bills, though playing mediocre against the rest of the league, will definitely be bringing it when they come to town. Miami… well, Miami is tied with the Pats for first place. As surprising as that is, I think the accomplishment speaks for itself—the Dolphins are going to be tougher than they’ve been in a couple of years.