Star Wars Memories - Part 3

I think it was during Spring Break of 1997 that I hiked my ass up to Lawrence, MA to see the Special Edition of Episode IV, the original Star Wars. I hadn’t seen it in the weeks before seeing Empire for some reason and though the re-release of Jedi was right around the corner and I might’ve conserved my bucks to see that, I didn’t. Up to Lawrence I went for a midnight screening, or something else late-night. When I stepped into the theater there was no one else in there. Little did I know that two hours later I would still be the only one in the theater.

There’s nothing quite like watching a Star Wars flick on the big screen all by yourself. Aside from a couple people who came in during the first few minutes and then left I was the only one in the theater that night. It was perfect. It was exactly what I wanted.

If I’m remembering correctly I had finally let Heather T. know about my feelings and it hadn’t worked out all that well. That coupled with my breakup earlier that year with Nydia had me in quite a funk, a funk that would continue for the rest of the year 1997. I was anxious to get out and clear my head and seeing Star Wars was exactly what I thought the doctor would order.

As it had a few weeks before, and as it always had, watching that movie cleansed my head and put a smile on my face if only for the duration of the movie and the length of my walk to my car.

When they put out the Special Editions in a boxed set later that year I taped copies off of my parents’ copies and whenever I couldn’t get to sleep I would pop one of those tapes in and let it guide me off into dreamland.

Star Wars has always been my favorite escape and after a nasty fight this morning I am hoping that tonight/tomorrow at Midnight it will help me to escape again.