Baby Names, Birthday Cake, and Football

Because I get home so late during the week, and my birthday’s on a Wednesday this year, Stephanie and I went over to Mom and Dad’s on Sunday to celebrate my birthday a couple of days early. There was football, of course, and there was cake and ice cream, and then there was dinner at Uno’s in Nashua to cap it all off. We took Mom, Dad, and Grandma up the street to show them where the hospital the baby will be delivered at was, and then we headed home to watch our Sunday evening shows.

If there was a unifying theme to the day, it was our continued discussion of male baby names. Every time we come up with one, it lasts for a few days and then one of us comes up with a reason why it doesn’t work. Our girl’s name has been set in stone for some time, so it’s somewhat comical that we simply cannot find a boy’s name we agree upon. It’s also funny that while a group of people discussing baby names can come up with a zillion and one different girls names, we all invariably come back to the same ten or twenty boys names. And if Stephanie likes one, I don’t. And if I like one, she don’t.

When we got home, and before we sat down to watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Desperate Housewives, we sat at the computer and visited the baby names section on, going through letter by letter and writing down the ones that struck us. We did actually manage to find a few candidates, which was a welcome surprise.

Stef is of the opinion that we don’t need to come to a conclusion about this for a good, long while. I, on the other hand, think that we should come up with something by the eighteenth, which is when we go in for an ultrasound which will hopefully inform us of the baby’s sex. I have wondered aloud what the point of finding out the baby’s sex is if it’s not to be able to use an accurate set of pronouns and to finally be able to call it by name. But, whatever. We’ll see what happens.

What’s important is that I had a great pre-birthday birthday celebration and that we had fun being silly and tossing around ridiculous names all day, which contributed, in part, to me not having a conniption fit when the Pats gave up playing in the second half of Sunday’s football game.