The Bastad’s Greatest Birthday Hits

In honor of my twenty-eighth birthday, I present the Bastad’s Greatest Birthday Hits. There are few days on which I have managed to write an entry almost every year. New Year’s Eve is one, and my birthday is another. So, without further ado, here are some of my recollections from birthdays gone by.

There’s no entry for October 5, 1994, but there is one for October 10 (ED: This has since been removed). You must remember that I wrote this when I was seventeen years old, when I was still upset about Grandpa’s passing a month earlier, and when I was crushing continually on girls that I should never have been crushing on. But it’s still an interesting peek into my seventeen year old psychoses.

My entry for October 5, 1995 was written after the fact, but it’s still a funny recollection of my first birthday at college. The birthday cake my parents had ordered for me from the food service place on campus was delivered to the wrong house and that was just the beginning of my interesting day.

In 1996, my birthday began with a bird shitting on my head. Definitely a must-read.

In 1997, my Bradford friends threw me a surprise party that was, well, a total surprise. Many friends had spent the days leading up to my birthday convincing me that they were too busy to hang out that night or to do anything. I suppose I should have seen through the ruse, but I didn’t, and this one still stands out as one of my favorite birthdays to date.

I spent my twenty-first birthday, in 1998, at the registry of motor vehicles. It didn’t start off well, but it did get better when I made myself the Sombrero that Tori and Suzanne had bought me the ingredients for.

In 1999 I was finally writing for this site on a regular basis, but I didn’t actually write on my birthday. I did a two-part entry on the day before and the day after entitled “Geezer”. Stephanie was traveling a lot as an admissions counselor at that point and I actually might’ve spent my birthday alone, but I don’t remember. I might’ve gone out with Mom and Dad, too.

2000 saw me doing what I’m doing right now, recounting past birthdays.

2001 saw me visiting my dad in the hospital, where he was recuperating after an accident the weekend before, and realizing that I’d finally transitioned into the land of adult birthdays.

In 2002, we spent my birthday at the wedding of one of Stephanie’s aunts. My book had just come out as well, so that was on my mind.

In 2003, after a night spent at the Bradford reunion singing my lungs out, dancing my ass off, and screaming with everyone else when Trot Nixon hit a game-winner, I spent my birthday at a morning brunch with Bradford friends and at an evening R.E.M. concert with JonMartin.

And last year, in 2004, I had myself a silly, subdued birthday that featured a Sox win against the Angels and Stephanie giving me the Star Wars DVD Box Set for a present.

What will this year’s birthday be like? Time will tell, folks. Time will tell.