Star Wars Memories - Part 5

I think the most ambitious thing any Star Wars fan can attempt is to watch the entire saga in one sitting. Hell, it was difficult enough when there were only three movies. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like when all six are done. My family and I attempted it a couple of times when I was younger but I don’t think we ever got further than the first half-hour of Empire. Does that make me less of a fan somehow?

The other day, when I was coming up with the five memories I would recount this week, the memory of trying to watch the entire saga all at once was one of the first things that came to mind. I really want to do it but now it seems silly to even try until Episode 3 comes out. And then I wonder if it will just seem too damn daunting.

The other thing is, the only copies I have of the original trilogy are shitty VHS copies of my parents’ originals. Lucasfilm isn’t planning on putting out the original trilogy on DVD until 2005, after they’ve released Episode 3 in the theaters and on DVD. And what’s to say they won’t push it back even further… like two years further to celebrate the 30th Anniversary in 2007?

On my morning walk the other day I came up with the idea of watching the whole shebang in half hour installments on Saturday mornings. After all, if Lucas is paying homage to Saturday serials of long ago, wouldn’t it make sense? Just think… they could do a whole deal where they show it on FOX as a year long TV miniseries. Each film is 2 hours long. There are six films. That’s twenty-four episodes, the same amount we get out of a typical sitcom.

I also think about the fact that by the time I can actually watch the whole saga in the comfort of my own home I will probably have something else to worry about.


Yeah… It’s almost a certainty that by 2005, when Episode 3 comes out, that Stef and I will have started our family. There may be one or two children that I have to worry about. Will I get to go to a midnight show? It could be awful if I didn’t get to go to a late night show with all the crazed fans, but then I think about something else. Something cool.

I’m gonna get to introduce my kids to these films. What the fuck is that gonna be like? In what order do you show them? Do you play the original trilogy first and then the new trilogy, or do you do it chronological order?

So many questions…

The only thing that’s certain is that there are at least a few more Star Wars memories to come. And that makes me happy.