Post-Birthday Purchases

It’s hard for me to spend money most of the time, even when it’s birthday money. Something inside of me feels the need to rationalize the expenditure of every single penny. I make cases to myself, to Stephanie, both for and against almost every purchase. And by the time I’ve finally come to a conclusion, it’s usually that I shouldn’t buy whatever it is that I wanted. This has happened countless times, and I’m just glad that it didn’t happen on Thursday.

For once, I just went ahead and bought what I wanted to buy. Since I’d pretty much gotten all of the intangibles I’d wished for—the healthy development of the baby, and Stephanie finding work, however temporary it might be—I felt a lot more secure just spending the bucks I’d gotten from Mom and Dad on the two items I’d really been wanting.

The first, a behemoth hardcover collection of Ultimate Spider-Man, Marvel Comics’ revamp of the character that started just a few years ago, was something I’d been looking at in the Barnes & Noble at BU at least twice a week for the past month. The artist on the book, Mark Bagley, has been one of my favorites since his days pencilling The New Warriors back in the early 90s. The dude loves Spider-Man, but he’s also really good at drawing teenaged characters (as evidenced by the long run on Warriors) and it’s good to see him getting to do this book, which reimagines the early career of Peter Parker/Spidey for a new generation of readers.

The second thing I wanted was a copy of The Sims 2: Nightlife. I don’t play the game as often as I’d like, but I do enjoy it when I do, and this expansion pack, which allows your Sims to take their own cars out for a night on the town, among many other new features, was something I’d really been looking forward to.

So, I bought both things on Thursday and I didn’t guilt-trip myself about either purchase at all. And that felt good.