Week 16 - Hiccups

Dear Baby,

I’ve finally begun to plow through these things as I promised I would weeks ago. I did three of them on my birthday last week, and I’ve done two already today, this being the third. I have the day off for Columbus Day, so I figured, why not go for it? If all goes as planned, I’ll be caught up by the end of the day, and that would be really wonderful, because I’d really like to begin to write these notes to you closer to the actual week in question. My plan had been to write to you each Saturday, and if I manage to get through the backlog today, that’s what I’ll start to do next weekend.

This sixteenth week of your development brought on hiccups. I’m not really big fan of hiccups, as mine tend to be extremely painful, but the idea of you hiccuping doesn’t seem to bother me as much. My reading tells me that hiccups are, for the most part, painless. Perhaps this means that what I’m having, these things I’m calling hiccups, aren’t really hiccups at all. In any case, you were hiccuping several times a day at this point and you would continue to hiccup for the rest of your time in the womb. They tell me that by the sixth month of pregnancy, we’ll actually be able to see your hiccuping through your mom’s belly, but just the thought of you hiccuping, even without the visual proof of it, is enough for me right now. For some odd reason, it makes me smile, as I’m sure lots of silly, stupid things you’ll do throughout your life will.

Love, Dad

LettersE. Christopher Clark