Morning, Afternoon, Evening

In the morning I dealt with that terrible trollop, Sallie Mae. My vengeance was swift, and harsh, and I don’t suspect that she’ll be bothering me again anytime soon.

In the afternoon, the next couple of lines in the chapter I’ve been working on for my novel began to come to me. By the early evening I would be nearly ready to write again. I did not write, however, as I was only nearly ready, and not entirely ready. Instead, I would muck around with the new version of iTunes, which is chock full of coolness.

In the evening, I watched Smallville and was, for the most part, as impressed with the latest installment as I have been with the first two episodes this season. Though I have loved each season of the show, regardless of each season’s particular flaws, I must admit that they are coming much closer to that perfect blend of teen angst/melodrama and superhero mythology this time around.