NFL Week 06 - Patriots at Denver

Earlier in the week, it was intimated by a local news station that Bill Belichick’s placement of fifteen players on Wednesday’s injury list as “probable” to play on Sunday was in direct retaliation to the Atlanta Falcons proclaiming Michael Vick probable last week and then scratching him the day before the game. I never heard anything about this again after the initial mention of it on my morning newscast, but if this is true it indicates to me that the Pats are doing things a lot more lightheartedly this week.

It’s not the only indication either. Consider that Corey Dillon is telling the press he’s too old to do interviews, and that they’d better consider installing a ramp in the locker room for his weary old ass. And there are other stories, too, but I just can’t think of them right now. This is all indicative of a Patriots team that feels as if a weight was lifted after last week’s win (did you see Bill toss his headset into the air just as he did a couple of years ago in Miami?). They also know that, once they get through Denver, they get a bye week and the satisfaction of knowing they made it through the toughest part of their schedule. They’ve got to be feeling good about themselves right now, and I only hope that translates into confidence on the field come Sunday.

Patriots at Denver

This is a big one, a must-win, in my mind. If the Patriots go into the bye week at 4-2, I think that it definitely strengthens the argument (my argument) that this early part of the season is more like the soul-searching of 2003 than the outright failure of 2002. If they go into the bye week at 3-3—well that’s another story. This is a must-win, and it isn’t going to be easy.

First we’ve got more trouble at linebacker, with both Beisel and McGinest hurt. And second, our carousel in the defensive backfield continues to spin exponentially faster each week, with Arturo Freeman joining the team at safety this week.

But, amidst all of this bad injury news, we do have some glimmers of hope. Seymour’s continued absence has proven that our projected depth along the defensive line was not just wishful thinking. Patrick Pass has proven to be da man at back-up running back, when given the opportunity in the absence of Kevin Faulk. And, Brady has enough wide receivers for two teams, so if any of them goes down it appears we’re all set.

The Pats will win a close one in Denver.

Around the League

Giants at Dallas is the big story this week. I think if Drew and the rest of the boys can pull this one off, which they should without too much of a problem, we can fully expect a return to the playoffs for Dallas. I’m really loving what this team is doing right now, and so very glad that I adopted them this season.

Will Big Ben play against the Jaguars in Pittsburgh this weekend? I don’t know, but they’ll do all right with Maddox stepping in regardless.

And will Houston win a game this season? Maybe, but not this week.

My Picks

I was abysmal last week, picking only six out of fourteen games correctly. This season has just been rough, man. Rough. That being said, it’s not like I can give up picking ‘em now. So, here are my selections for this week.

Atlanta at New Orleans
Cincinnati at Tennessee
Minnesota at Chicago
Washington at Kansas City
New York Giants at Dallas
Carolina at Detroit
Cleveland at Baltimore
Miami at Tampa Bay
Jacksonville at Pittsburgh
San Diego at Oakland
New England at Denver
New York Jets at Buffalo
Houston at Seattle

St. Louis at Indianapolis