Tori and Dan’s Wedding

We got caught up in a major traffic snarl on the way there, but in the end we did make it in time to see most of Tori and Dan’s wedding ceremony on Saturday afternoon. And the ceremony, like the reception that followed, was classy and laid-back. It was exactly what I’d expect from the wedding day of one of my oldest college pals. The church was beautiful in a subdued way. Dinner at the reception was great, and the amount of chocolate on hand, both in solid and flowing forms—ah, the simple pleasures of fondue—was impressive, to say the least. It was certainly a good, good time.

Most of my photographs of the event came out horribly, but I managed to tweak this one just enough to feel comfortable sharing it.

Aside from getting to see Tori and Dan for brief snippets of time here and there, we also got to catch up with Heather and Rob, Larsen, Erik, and Kerry. I ate far too much chocolate, including the goodies I brought back from several trips to the fondue table. And Stephanie looked absolutely beautiful, the slight roundness of her pregnant belly not looking out of place on her at all. I can’t really describe it, and my pictures don’t do it justice, but she glowed. And I wasn’t the only one to notice, or to tell her so.

After the wedding, we drove through the still pouring rain for about three hours, until we reached Julee’s place. And that’s where we crashed for the night. And boy did we crash because, when you add to that three hour drive in the evening the four hour drive we made earlier in the afternoon, you can understand how we might have been a wee bit tired.