Another Creative Urge

So my college buddy Erik draws this weekly web comic called Bizarre Uprising. I check Erik’s site religiously, every Monday morning, to see what he and his co-creator have in store for us. It’s really been inspiring me of late. Sure, I do this page every day but this isn’t creative… what I mean is… Its not creative in the same way that a weekly web comic is. I’ve been struck by the thought that I should be doing some sort of weekly creative project. Of course, for a guy who’s already trying to do too much with his life, this isn’t a particularly great time for that revelation.

I drew comics once upon a time. We all know this. I doodle to this day. I can’t stop. The drawing bug is in me. Yet, I can’t see myself doing something like what Erik does (You can see what Erik does for yourself at I love doodling and drawing but every time I try to sit down and draw something sequential I get all kinds of frustrated and pissed off.

I hear things about hypertext, or hyperfiction, as it is sometimes called. That all seems to snooty to me. I write for the people. I create for the people. I want Joe Average to be able to appreciate just as much as a highly educated literature scholar might.

The idea that I keep coming back to is the idea of a weekly web “show”, so to speak. A sitcom… but on the web. Things like this are apparently sometimes filmed and put out as “webisodes” but that’s not something I’m up for. I’m only temporarily in possession of my brother’s video camera; I don’t know enough actors; and I don’t have the patience to argue with a video capture card every week.

What I’m thinking is more like a web-serial, perhaps written in the style of a TV script. I even know what it would be about, and who some of the characters would be. I would start it in September around the same time as the TV season starts up, and I would end it each May with a cliffhanger.

It would be so cool.

Too bad I have a bazillion other projects to finish before I get there. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.