What To Do With Winter Break

My office is located in a building owned and operated by Boston University, and because BU shuts down the building for winter break that means that we are ostensibly closed for a period of a week and a half to two weeks. This is not paid time off, unless I choose to use my vacation hours, of which I have built up very few, having spent most of the past year as only a part-time employee. And this leaves me with a predicament. On the one hand, I would love to be able to use that time to catch up on my writing, to make a big push toward the completion of my novel. But, on the other hand, my wife and I are in a financial pickle. I will probably need to find work for those couple of weeks just so we can get by, and that means no taking time off, and no writing.

It’s not something I’m panicking about just yet, and not even something that I’m that terribly upset about. It’s just something I’ve been considering as I’ve been leafing through Poets & Writers this week on the train, paging through ad after ad for writers’ retreats and such, thinking about how much I’d like to take two weeks and spend them with myself and with my book. With a baby on the way, this may be my last chance to indulge myself and my dreams in that way. And I guess, like many last chances, it’s not one I’ll be able to afford to take.