NIN Live 2006: With_Trent?

Someone over at The NIN Hotline reports on a Nine Inch Nails blurb they read in Rolling Stone:

What will Trent Reznor do when Nine Inch Nails U.S. tour ends on November 20th? “I might play theaters by myself, with the piano and some electronics,” Reznor reveals to the smoking section. “Just try something that’s the antithesis of the shows we’re doing now.” No way! “This arena tour is spectacle, it’s bombast,” he continues. “But as a musician it’s not like an improvisational situation - primarily, we stick to the script. I have a newfound confidence, a combination of being sober, getting older and being a little more comfortable in my own skin, and I wouldn’t mind creating a new environment where the sound is more spontaneous.” Reznor also adds that being lucid 24/7 has fired up his songwriting - he hopes to drop a new NIN album in 2006.

While I loath the use of the word “drop” in relation to putting out an album, the rest of this blurb is otherwise very exciting to me.  You’ll remember that Beth quoted me in her post on Trent’s hurricane relief performance as saying, “it was cool that a 40 year old with a piano and a boom box was still able to provide a hip, poignant moment.” I’d love to see Trent do some solo shows. He never will, I’m sure. This is probably one of those countless things Trent talks about doing between albums that never come to fruition, but I’d love to see him give it a shot.