Land of Hipness - Not So Hip This Time

I was probably too tired to go to the Enormous Room on Monday night, for October’s “Four Stories” event, but I went anyway. Sara and I had gone the last time and it was really quite good, so I didn’t want to miss the second installment. This one, unfortunately, was not as good as the first. Plagued by technical difficulties and by a quartet of readers who seemed very, very nervous, there was a lot of introduction to each piece, and not a lot of meat. Still, the final two readers (including Jen Trynin, a local rock star once upon a time, whose record Gun Shy, Trigger Happy is among my favorites) were good enough that I couldn’t write off the night as a total disaster.

But I was tired. Tired, tired, tired. I made the earlier train home, which was good, but I was still beat. And I don’t feel much better as I type this on Tuesday morning, having gotten barely six hours sleep last night and having had to trudge through the wonderful New England weather on an errand that took me from one end of the Boston University campus to the other. On the way there, I had taken the subway. And on the way back, I did try to wait for a subway car to come along, but when one finally did, after about fifteen minutes, it was packed like sardines/clichés and I had no hope of getting on. So, I walked.

But I should be saving that story for Wednesday’s entry anyway. For now, I’m off.