Getting Over the Hump Day

I think I tinker with this webpage so often because it’s easy and it’s brainless. If I could write a paragraph here and a paragraph there for my novel, then I would much rather be doing that. But writing always happens in bursts for me, and if I don’t have a significant portion of time to devote to it then I really can’t do it at all. So, I work on the website.

My hope is that the tweaks I make every so often aren’t obtrusive, that they don’t significantly alter the reader’s experience for the worse. I end up hoping both that you do notice what I’ve done and that you don’t. And I don’t know which I want more, recognition or lack of it.

Aside from saying congratulations to the south side of Chicago on bringing home the trophy, I have nothing to say about Wednesday. I know I’m supposed to hate Ozzie for some reason, but since their defeat of the Red Sox, I have wanted the White Sox to win it all. It seems to me that this victory will be for most of Chicago what the Patriots victory in Superbowl XXXVI was for New England—something nice to tide them over until they get what they really want, a championship for the Cubbies. But they should savor this one, and I hope they do. Don’t let the White Sox continue to be the second team in the Second City. They won it all. Have a parade, go nuts, be proud.