NFL Week 08 - Patriots vs. Bills

My excitement for the Patriots, and for sports in general, has reached a new low. Actually my excitement regarding just about everything in my life has reached a new low today, but let’s not even get started. Let’s just talk football and get this over with so I can go off and be mopey.

Last week I dropped the week in review feature and this week I decided that I’ll write these damn previews whenever I feel like it, instead of trying to keep to some ridiculous every Friday schedule. If anybody actually cares what I think about the fucking NFL anyway, I’d be really surprised. I don’t even care what I think.

What was that about talking about football and getting this over with?

Patriots vs. Bills

The experts all seem to be picking the Patriots. The thinking, I assume, is that Tedy Bruschi’s stroke actually imbued him with superpowers on the level of a Marvel Comics superhero, powers that will enable him to play both safety spots as well as middle linebacker, all at the same time. I’m sorry to say that I have little to no faith in the Patriots this season. They flat-out suck in too many areas of the game to be competitive. And they sucked before the injuries, let’s be honest. You could tell in the first game that this was going to be 2002 all over again, even if I chose not to. The injuries just amplified that.

I’m sure they’ll pull it out, which is why I’m picking them to win this week, but I have lost the faith. This golden age in Boston sports has come and gone. I hope we all enjoyed it because it’ll be a long time before any of our teams are competitive again.

Around the League

The Texans have got to win sometime, so it’ll probably be this week against the Browns. Right? Well, I wouldn’t trust me on this, seeing as I picked only four games correctly last week, but the experts agree with me, so there.

Two of my adopted teams square off as Arizona takes on Dallas. Arizona will be flattened. I think Arizona actually enjoys being flattened, so don’t feel bad for them.

My other adopted team, the Saints, are playing “at home” against Miami. Miami is quite possibly the suckiest team in the suckiest division in the NFL, the AFC East (of which our Patriots are also a part). The Saints should get a win. Then again, I haven’t been right very often this season.

My Picks

At this point, does anyone actually care who I’m picking? Well, for shits and giggles, here they are:

Arizona at Dallas
Cleveland at Houston
Jacksonville at St. Louis
Oakland at Tennessee
Green Bay at Cincinnati
Minnesota at Carolina
Washington at New York Giants
Chicago at Detroit
Kansas City at San Diego
Tampa Bay at San Francisco
Philadelphia at Denver
Miami at New Orleans
Buffalo at New England

Baltimore at Pittsburgh