Conference - Day 3 of 3

Woke up early again. Had my fill of danishes and cranberry juice at breakfast while discussing the plan for breaking down our set-up upon the commencement of the final panel just after 10:30 a.m. Discussed whether to immediately dismiss any volunteers who arrived this morning due to lack of work for them to do. The ship was sailing smoothly on the last day.

Wedding comes in as we’re packing up, but it could be a bar mitsvah or a bris I suppose. (Probably too fancy a set-up for a bris, but there is a rather well-dressed infant being carried about.) They’re loud, but don’t seem to be bothering the panel. Or at least no one is complaining.

Meet with Holbo, the editor of the weblog our organization sponsors. Discuss strategies for improvement of the blog and other ventures. Meet with bossman to discuss his departure for Michigan and my picking up of equipment to be used in the last event of the day, the council meeting.

After a long, hard weekend, I drive leftover materials across the Charles River and back to our office. I unpack the car in three trips, nearly breaking my arms in the process because I am far too anxious to be done and I take too heavy a load with the second of the three trips.

Get home, nearly pass out on the couch before eating dinner with Stephanie. I have to go into work the next day, so I make it an early night, not even staying up to watch Desperate Housewives.