Conference Hangover

Get into the office a little early and begin sifting through e-mail immediately. After e-mail, I’m unpacking. After unpacking, I’m processing last-minute conference registrations we took over the phone just before the event and registrations we took in person at the reg table. Also several new memberships to process. In the end, I spent most of my day doing data entry and have very little time to run across Kenmore Square to make three deposits at the bank.

Drive to Beth’s after my train arrives in Lowell and acquire her NIN tickets for Tuesday night for a sum to be named later. (Not a sentence that makes sense, but I don’t care right now).  On the drive home I talk to Stephanie about the baby kicking her and about finances. While we talk finances I secretly hope that we’ll come back around to the baby kicking her.

I get home. Stef doesn’t want the chicken she took out for dinner. We make pizza instead and eat while watching the beginning of the Pats-Colts game. Not sure if it’s the game or the pizza that’s giving me indigestion. I decide to go to bed before it gets really ugly. Only upside is that, in order not to raise the ire of anyone who thinks my picking the Pats is a guarantee that they’ll lose, I had picked the Colts to win the game. It looks like I’ll do all right in Pigskin Pick ‘Em this week after all.