NFL Week 09 - Patriots vs. Colts

It had to happen sometime and I’m just glad it happened now. My secret hope is that the Patriots miss the playoffs this year, thus preserving Brady’s perfect postseason record, and that they’ll pick up somebody truly astounding with their draft pick(s). Harrison will be back next season, Bruschi will be all the way back, Seymour will hopefully be healthy… In short, I have given up on this season and I hope that the Patriots do too. It ain’t going to happen this year and it’s time for everyone to accept that. Start playing second-stringers. Put yourself in line to get somebody good in the draft. There is no hope and I’m sure we can all forgive them if they mail it in the rest of the way.

Patriots vs. Colts

Obviously, I was a bit behind this week on getting any sort of pre-game analysis up. And I didn’t watch the second half of the game last night, so I’m a bit underprepared to give you any post-game analysis. I also refuse to read what the Boston media or the national media is writing about this game. I won’t turn on ESPN for a couple of days either. In short, I don’t want to hear about Peyton fucking Manning and his stupid fucking football team. My one wish is that they are summarily crushed by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs. Or, even better, the Cincinnati Bengals. If the Bengals won it all, that would be just as good.

My ultimate wish is that Peyton Manning never win a Superbowl. So all-encompassing is my hate of this man that he is the only football player that I ever find myself hoping will suffer a career-ending injury. I want him to be the Marino of his age—all stats and flash, but nothing to show for it. And it wouldn’t hurt if his punk little brother fell into the Hudson River, too. And if somebody shot Archie, I wouldn’t shed a tear. The Mannings, all of them, are absolute scum.

Around the League

So, how about that Terrell Owens, huh? I’m so glad that the Eagles are suspending and then deactivating his stupid ass. Now I can actually root for them again. They’ll get shut down by Carolina or the Giants in the playoffs, setting up a Pittsburgh-Carolina or Pittsburgh-Giants Superbowl, but now I can root for the Eagles again.

As for what else is going on in the league, I couldn’t really tell you. I can’t believe what’s going on in the NFC North. The total amount of suckage up there is just staggering and yet one of those teams is going to keep an otherwise great team out of the playoffs because they win the division and another team comes in second in their own division. Am I even making sense anymore? I don’t know.

My Picks

Nobody will actually believe I made this many correct picks, seeing as I’m posting them after the fact. But I did.

Detroit at Minnesota
Oakland at Kansas City
Atlanta at Miami
Tennessee at Cleveland
Carolina at Tampa Bay
Cincinnati at Baltimore
Houston at Jacksonville
San Diego at New York Jets
New York Giants at San Francisco
Seattle at Arizona
Chicago at New Orleans
Pittsburgh at Green Bay
Philadelphia at Washington

Indianapolis at New England