Nookie in the Nineteenth

I was thinking about some of the research I did on Stef’s family yesterday and how frustrating it was to transcribe all of the children of all of her ancestors, even the ones not directly related. I am very thorough when it comes to my genealogical research and I don’t like to leave any bit of information I gather out. Anyway, I was thinking about it and it occurred to me, maybe our ancestors had more children simply because there was nothing better to do than hop in the sack and make babies.

With no television, no radio, and no internet what did the folks of previous generations do for fun? Did they enjoy playing hide the salami? Were they busy getting busy? Was there more sweeeet love being made than we care to imagine?

What would we do today if we didn’t have all of the modern conveniences we have? Would we just fuck a lot? Is that what we’d do? Even if we did, would we have as many children as they did way back then, considering the easy access to contraceptives? Would we get so sick of wrapping it up that eventually we’d fall back to less safe ways?

It’s just that they had so many children. I can’t even imagine it. When I think about having kids three is my maximum. I don’t want any more and probably don’t want any less. Three is what I’m looking for. These families I’ve been researching… sometimes the number of offspring they’re popping out is in the double digits. That just seems fucking crazy to me.

I mean, who took care of all the little hellions? Did the mothers do it alone? Cause if they did we gots ta go back in time and make sure these women get paid. They talk in the government sometimes about paying full-time moms don’t they? I personally think, with all this research I’ve been doing, that they should’ve started that a long time ago.

Anyway, I was just wondering about this and I had to share.