NFL Week 10 - Patriots at Miami

It seems as if every analyst and columnist covering the NFL wants to see the Indianapolis Colts succeed, and this sickens me. It’s obvious that the schedule-makers want them to win as well, giving them one cakewalk contest after another. And really, in my eyes, Peyton Manning can’t get run over by a bus soon enough. They get to play the Houston Texans this week? THE TEXANS?!? Well, at least their relative ease of schedule gives me some hope that Pittsburgh will mop the floor with them somewhere down the line.

As far as the Patriots are concerned, the so-called experts are picking my hometown team to win the AFC East despite all of their troubles. This sickens me as well. The one year where I would prefer a little competition, something that would keep us out of the playoffs and helps us land a good draft pick, is the one year in which there is not a single team in our division who is any better than we are. This is going to be an ugly, ugly second half of the season and I’m not sure I even want to watch.

Patriots at Miami

Since before the season began, I’ve been interested in seeing how Nick Saban matches up against Bill Belichick. I’m a sucker for these mentor-protege match-ups. Saban obviously has the less-talented team, but Belichick is dealing with a substantially depleted squad. It’ll be interested to see who Bill puts in the defensive backfield to replace the sieve that was Duane Starks (who was placed on injured reserve this week, ending his season). I’m sure Saban will have whatever no-name he has available at QB picking on that replacement, no matter who he is. So, it should be something to watch.

I know that Beth would prefer that I not pick the Patriots, the thinking being that they do better when I pick against them, but that logic didn’t work out so well last week. And I can’t honestly pick against the Pats when they’re playing the Dolphins. Besides, this is their week to win. Next week they’ll lose. That’s just the way it goes this season.

Around the League

I think the Dallas vs. Philadelphia game on Monday night could be very, very important come playoff time. In a division where everyone will be fighting against the momentum being shown by the surprisingly good Giants, I think only one of these teams is going to make it to the playoffs. It’s possible, given how much the rest of the NFC sucks, that the top 3 teams here will make it, but what’s to say that Washington won’t be one of those three and that Phili won’t be the odd team out. Every NFC East match-up is ten times more interesting than what’s going on in the rest of the league right now.

My Picks

I did quite well last week. Here’s hoping I’ve started a streak.

San Francisco at Chicago
Baltimore at Jacksonville
Kansas City at Buffalo
New England at Miami
Arizona at Detroit
Houston at Indianapolis
Minnesota at New York Giants
Denver at Oakland
St. Louis at Seattle
New York Jets at Carolina
Washington at Tampa Bay
Green Bay at Atlanta
Cleveland at Pittsburgh

Dallas at Philadelphia