Rejected by Google

There’s something I’d been meaning to vent about, something I can vent about now because I have very little to say about my uneventful Tuesday, and here’s what it is: Google rejected my application to enroll this website in their AdSense program. AdSense is the program responsible for all the little Google text ads you see on various webpages around the Internet. One set of companies buys ad space from Google and then another set of companies and individuals allows Google to place those ads on their webpages in exchange for a fraction of the profits made from the ad sales. So, you’d think that Google would reject very few people, that, in the interest of making as much cash as they can, they wouldn’t send someone packing without a damn good reason. But they did. They rejected me. And what reason did they give?

Inappropriate language.

Can you believe it? Me, using inappropriate language? I mean, sure I’ve gotten a little vulgar here and there in the past, but am I really any worse than some of the other sites they allow their ads on? And do I cuss in this space nowadays on a regular basis?

Oh well. It’s a lost cause. Really, I’d just been hoping to make a little extra cash to help out with our bills. There are other programs, but they’re mostly invite-only and nobody seems willing to invite me. I’m not really sad about this, just pissed off. It seems to me that since I put a lot of effort into this site, I might as well be making some money from it. But I guess it’s just not in the cards.