Pictures for Your Humpday

Used to be, a couple of years ago, that each Wednesday I offered the readers of this site an extra-special post in the form of the “Humpday Surprise”. It was my attempt to add something fun to the page at least once a week, instead of posting another entry about how many times I took a dump that day. So, since I don’t have anything particularly profound to say about Wednesday (and since I didn’t keep track of my gastrointestinal activity—sorry to those of you who were really looking forward to a report on that) I figured I might as well get back into that Humpday spirit with a few silly pictures I shot on Sunday.

The first is of the toy dog that Stephanie bought me for my birthday. I decided it was about time we took the poor pooch out into the yard to play. He wasn’t all that into it, though.

The next two pictures are shots of the yard and our townhouse in southern New Hampshire (we’re the end unit). One of my only regrets regarding the time Stephanie and I spent in our previous two homes/apartments is that we never took enough pictures of those places. I’m endeavoring to correct that trend with this house.

And the last picture is of Dad and some of his birthday cards. Three of us bought him the exact same card. It was pretty darn funny.