Commence to Start

On Friday, after much hemming and hawing, I finally made the decision to open up comments to the general public. This is the trend across the Internet and you must know by now that I strive, above all else, to be fashionable.

Okay, okay… I kid, I kid.

Truth be told, I’ve decided to do it because I feel that there may be people out there who aren’t commenting because they have to register, and who therefore aren’t sticking around the site for very long. I, personally, still don’t think that asking someone to register is all that much to ask, but I’m trying to see this from the other perspective now as well.

As you may remember, my primary concern about opening up comments to the general public was not comment spam or trolls or things of that nature. No, my main concern was identity theft. That is, I feared someone coming along and pretending to be one of our registered users and then posting off-color or uncharacterstic comments. I haven’t solved this in the most ideal way, but I do think I have a solution. And that solution is the ® symbol. This symbol will appear beside the names of all commenters who are logged-in at the time they comment. This will enable us to know, at first glance, whether or not a commenter is the real Slim Shady or the Bizarro version.

That being the case, I would encourage registered members of the site to keep on logging in when they want to post. But for any and all lurkers out there, now you don’t have to register if you don’t wanna. And I hope that’s reason enough to give us your two cents from time to time.

Stephanie and I also went out to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on Friday evening. An entry on that, I will admit, would have been much more interesting than this drivel, but sometimes you’ve just got to make announcements. I’ll plan on trying to write up a Potter review tomorrow. For now, I’m off to bed.