Sunday SpeedWrite

Stef and I are off to Maine today to see her Mom. Tomorrow we’ll travel across the border to New Hampshire to see her Dad. Yesterday we spent the day with my Mom, my Aunt Joanne, and my Grandmother, looking at gravesites. This is Memorial Day Weekend for Christ’s sake and that’s what you’re supposed to be doing: paying respect to the dead. Seeing a movie or two (especially if it’s Star Wars) or going to the beach is okay as long as you remember what the holiday was actually created for.

I just saw Colin Firth (at least I think it was Colin Firth) on the Today show, promoting the new film version of The Importance of Being Earnest. As some of you might know, I played Lane the butler in the stage version back at Bradford. I am really excited to see this film even though it has Greasy Reese Witherspoon in it. I have no idea when its coming around here. I think its only in limited release right now.

Stef and I united our family trees in Family Tree Maker (the PC program) a while back to make our lives easier. Yesterday I took a look at how big the family tree would be for a child of ours and I was frightened. It was so damn daunting to look at. If our kid ever has to do a project on their family tree they’ll probably be able to coast through it with their eyes closed.

I just had to pause for a second to mess up my hair. It is very amusing to me that my hair style is only possible by me mussing it up after combing it. Problem is, it only looks good when the hairstylist does it. When I do it every day it looks like shit.

Well, I have to be off now. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. Go visit a relative and go see a movie (Star Wars) and have a blast for me while I’m in Maine.