NFL Week 12 - Patriots at Kansas City

This’ll have to be a quick one this week. I don’t have much to say and I don’t have much time to say it as we try to get life back on track after a few days spent up in Maine. All I guess I’ll say is that I was excited to see that the Dallas-Denver game was such a close contest on Turkey Day and that I’m sorry I missed it. And I guess I’ll add that I’m excited to see how da Bears do as they head into Tampa Bay this week with a defense that some are beginning to compare to the famed 1986 team’s unit. Other than that, I’m not really in the football state of mind at the moment.

Patriots at Kansas City

In terms of the Patriots postseason prospects, I side with the majority of football analysts, who seem to be picking the local team to go 9-7 this season and still win the AFC East. And if they’re going to go 9-7, I think this week is one of the week’s they’ll lose. I’m not really sure how KC is doing this season, not having heard very much about them on the few occasions I’ve had time to watch SportsCenter or one of the Sunday morning pregame shows, but I have a feeling that Arrowhead Stadium will be just as tough to play as ever. We’re without Corey Dillon, without a slew of receivers, and our defense still sucks harder than Chasey Lain and Linda Lovelace combined.

I’ll be rooting for the Pats, but the realist in me is picking the Chiefs.

Around the League

I sort of covered everything that I have to say about the league in general in the earlier sections of this article. So, without further ado, here are my picks.

My Picks

Atlanta at Detroit
Denver at Dallas

Cleveland at Minnesota
New England at Kansas City
San Francisco at Tennessee
St. Louis at Houston
San Diego at Washington
Carolina at Buffalo
Chicago at Tampa Bay
Baltimore at Cincinnati
Miami at Oakland
New York Giants at Seattle
Jacksonville at Arizona
Green Bay at Philadelphia
New Orleans at New York Jets

Pittsburgh at Indianapolis