Amanda Huggenkiss & Phil McKracken

We spent all day yesterday and today up in Maine visiting with Stef’s family. Things didn’t go exactly as planned but we had an alright time anyway. On the way back we tried in vain to find a station broadcasting the Celtics game until we caught a really low signal when we hit Rte. 95 South. It turned out that 87.7 FM was picking up the audio portion of NBC’s telecast. The only problem was, once it started to get really interesting we found out that 87.7 wasn’t picking up just NBC… it was picking up the strongest TV signal it could get and so, at the pivotal moment in the game we were thrust into the opening minutes of the James Bond flick, Moonraker instead.

I’m convinced that if 87.7 had kept with the game then Paul Pierce wouldn’t have missed the first free throw and things would’ve ended up much differently.

Oh well. At least the Sox won.

Other than that little tale there isn’t much worth mentioning here tonight. We explored a few of the gravesites on the Maine/New Hampshire border which play host to Stef’s ancestors and then we spent the better part of Sunday with Julee and her family. I don’t really want to get into what we did with our Monday except to say that we didn’t do what we planned to do (which was to spend time with Steve) because something else came up, and while I’m more than willing to open up about the particulars of my own life I’m not going to violate the privacy of my in-laws. All that’s important is that everyone is alive and doing relatively well.

I haven’t put the EyeCandy of the week up yet but I will do that tomorrow in between taking a long overdue shower (We somehow never get around to showering when we’re in Maine. Go figure.), applying to a couple of jobs, and buying Harry Potter on DVD. I promise.