Week 26 - Bouncing Off The Walls

Dear Kaylee,

The first musical you experienced in any sort of vague way was Chicago, which we watched on DVD a couple of weeks ago. But I’m not sure that your ears were well-developed enough back then to have had any sense that there was music going on in the outside world. Perhaps if I had turned up the stereo a bit louder you would have felt the vibrations inside the womb, but we were keeping things down to a dull roar that day.

On Friday evening however, you got to experience Rent along with your mother and me. And you were dancing in there, bouncing around to nearly every song, or so your mom tells me. I was in a lot of pain this weekend, having done something to my shoulder that I’m still not sure I could properly explain, but knowing that one of the first sequences of music you were able to experience was this show that meant so much to me, that was filled with positive, life-affirming messages—that made me smile. It made me smile quite a bit.

Inside the womb, your lungs were beginning to develop surfactant, “a fatty substance that covers the inner lining of the air sacs and allows the lungs to expand normally so breathing can occur.” (American Baby) Although your lungs still had another ten weeks of development ahead of them, this was another big step your body took towards preparing itself for life in the outside world.

In terms of communicating with your Mom and Dad, kicking was your primary method of expression. Like most fetuses, you were at your quietest when your mom was up and about and at your most rambunctious when she was sitting or laying down. But you did have a very curious reaction to the arrival of my hand on the outside of your mother’s belly, regardless of whether she was standing or sitting. At first, I was frustrated by the fact that you never moved around when I was there to feel it. But your mom said something to me this weekend that really struck me as true. She told me that my presence, my touch, soothed you in some way. And if that’s why you’re never bouncing off the walls when I’m around, then we’ll take that. We’ll certainly take what we can get.

Love, Dad

LettersE. Christopher Clark