Thirty-One (06 of 31)

I woke up on Tuesday feeling more well-rested than I had in a good long while. I’m pretty sure that the painkillers I was prescribed for bedtime helped out with that, but I also think that having some idea, however vague, of what was going on in my shoulder, helped to put my mind at ease.

Aside from feeling well-rested, I was also pleased to find that my left shoulder’s mobility had already begun to return to normal. I couldn’t push myself too much further than I did the day before, but I was definitely doing better. Whenever I could, I kept my arm in the sling I’d been provided. And when that wasn’t possible, I was very careful.

On the way home from work, I began reading an article on evolution vs. intelligent design that I found in The New Yorker, feeling angry that this sort of thing is actually seriously debated in our country. The thought of my daughter ever having to be subjected to the inane nonsense of some brainwashed Christian fundamentalist who insists that evolution is just a theory... It made my blood boil. The only thing that lifted my spirits was the revelation that some kids were smart enough to walk out of the classroom when the mandated “intelligent design is just as feasible as evolution, if not more so” statement was read.

Which brings me, in a roundabout way, to my throwback for the day, which features perhaps our country’s most famous Christian fundamentalist of all. One of the most curiously popular entries I’ve written for this site is this one I wrote back in August of 2001. This, like the “endless snot” one I re-posted the other day, gets a lot of traffic because of the pictures that are linked to it. Specifically, this one:

I am a wholehearted supporter of any piece of journalism or art, however fake, that makes our president look like the jackass that he truly is. And this is one of the funniest and scariest photos I’ve ever seen, regardless of whether it’s a photoshopped forgery or not. Because, even though I know this is fake, I’m sure, in my heart, that a photo like this probably could or does exist out there, just waiting for Michael Moore to find it and expose it to the world.

Anyway, here’s the rest of the rather brief entry. If you’re at work, be careful where you click.

George Bush Pictures

Many amusing George Bush pictures have been coming across my desktop today. Today you can see:

- The President and the Electric Chair

- The President on a Good Day

- Daddy’s Little Girls

- POTUS and the Pope


And, you know, just for good measure, here’s another pot-shot I took at the Bush family, back in July of 2001:

Jenna Bush

you know what really sucks?

what really sucks is when somebody (or somebodies) plan a meeting that interupts the normal flow of your day and then you alter the flow of said day in order to accomodate them and then when you get back from taking lunch an hour fucking early you get told the meeting has been postponed.

what sucks even more is when the don’t give you a fucking reason for it either.

this picture though, does not suck at all. it’s actually pretty darn funny.